Tomorrow 1.27.16

cropped-leather-bag-man-holding-bag-istock_000007639784xsmall.jpgSometimes it’s hard to accept the things we cannot change. Unfortunately, we are not in control of all variables in our lives. For tomorrow, I’d like to warn you, and advise myself to remember that it’s okay to lose control of everything, sometimes.

It’s scary, especially for similar personalities to that of my own, to easily rest knowing that I’m not in control of these such variables. Now it sounds like science, but it’s really just reality. Believe me, science is far from my expertise.

Quite frankly, coming to grips with the fact that we don’t, nor will we ever, be able to control all aspects of our waking lives is frightening.

Those around us tend to control many of those variables. I say that it’s time to stop trying to control things we can’t change, but accepting the things we can to improve our outlook on life. Accepting others, accepting new criticism, accepting the unknown, and accepting the known- accept it all but don’t let it control you. Learn from it all.

It’s easier said than done. You’re smart enough to know what controls your life.  Yet, it’s an insulting task to ask you to let go. Careers, classes, families, stigma, everything starts to manipulate your choices and actions.

It’s a challenge that I’m willing to prepare for and propose to you: will you let go and let loose? Let jobs be that- just a career. Let classes be that- just books and knowledge. Let criticism be that- just words. Don’t get me wrong, these things are important! However, it’s equally important to draw the line on what defines you and what things are just variables in your life. Let these things be themselves, and you start being you. Let loose, and accept the variables as just that- knowns and unknowns of this world that only might affect you and your personality.

My advice for tomorrow: Let spontaneity immerse you in life, rather than letting variables of unknown and controlled kinds overtake your personality.

About Blog

Sometimes you wish you could go back. Sometimes you don’t. That’s an adventure we encounter daily. What advice would you give yourself yesterday, what advice would you give yourself tomorrow? What advice would you give to someone else? This my friends, is my organized chaos. I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I. It’s a work in progress where, fortunately, accepting things through adventurous advice is prevalent. 

Advice Today 1.25.16

Since the second semester of my sophomore year has already started, I would like to remind myself today to slow down. It’s said a million times in our lifetimes, “It’ll come faster than you think”. When we graduate, when we start our careers, when we start a family, when they grow up- all of it flashes by. However, we fail to take everyone’s advice until it’s too late.

Really though, sometimes I have to remind myself to slow my days down (as if that’s even possible). Don’t pack in hours of meetings, homework, and meet-ups with friends every minute of every day. It’s almost like time gets away from us. I have the whole day ahead of me– is what I start the day saying. Yet I find myself hunched over books, tea, and my keyboard by 8 o’clock frivolously working until midnight before I know it.

How do we get away from it all? Can we? That’s a question I feel I’ll never be able to answer. Worse yet, I fear it will grow to be a worse problem once my career starts. Everything else controls my time, except me. How? Well, commitments are becoming all too mandatory. We’re required as human beings to prepare, socialize, and excel based on our commitments.

I say it’s time to slow it down awhile. I blinked and three years have fleeted from my very eyes. My advice today to you and myself: Let your moments take plenty of time, and slow your schedules down. You’ll remember what you enjoyed, not what passed you by.