Today 2.26.16

The other day I found myself miserably crying over everything. I was overwhelmed with studies, work, money, internships- everything. When I sat in my bed craving the only food suitable for teary nights (ice cream), I realized that I let myself get too worked up over things- things I can’t even control. And today, I realized, that I’m awfully thankful for the person who intentionally loves me through it all-my boyfriend.

I know this sounds cheesy, but honestly, who else shows up with ice cream and gifts along with hugs to make you smile? Especially after you take your miserable day out on him. . . It’s not about the gifts for me, it’s not even about the gesture, it’s that he intentionally shows me support, encouragement, and love through all of those moments. I’m so lucky to have someone who loves me through every moment of my life-the good and the bad.

It took a really long time for me to see how lucky I was, but I knew right away that he intentionally cared so much for me. Immediately after we admitted we liked each other, I moved 400 miles away, and knowingly, he still decided to give me a chance. (This should’ve been my first sign that he was a keeper).

But I am often so distracted with my life, that I forget to thank him for his encouraging words and endless support. It takes moments like the other night, where I’m crying and feel beaten down for no reason (even though in those moments, it’s every reason), for me to see how much he loves me.

Don’t get me wrong, I know loving me is a 24/7 job, but he does great at it. I get really busy with being away, and being enveloped in my life, that it takes really broken-down me to see what really matters. I have to intentionally think about him and all the amazing things he does for my life.

As cheesy as it sounds, today, challenge yourself to intentionally love those around you. Take a moment each day, and with the most intention, love your significant other or even your greatest friend. Being intentional doesn’t necessarily mean gifts, but willingly showing your appreciation, love, and support for that person. Intentionality is what he does best, and well, I’m challenging myself along with you all on this one.

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