Tomorrow 1.30.16

There is one question I find others and myself asking much too often. It could be a question linked directly to the anxiety that we all feel when we go through a complex situation. There are a million questions that run through our heads about the series of events that may or may not happen. It could be a question influenced by the unknowns- the unknowns of the future, the unknowns of relationships, and the unknowns of events to come. What if?

If you find yourself asking what if you’re clearly weighing your options, which is the first step to any decision. For that, I congratulate you. Your next step is the harder one. This step is harder because you’re either deciding to go for it, or to refrain from whatever it may be you’re evaluating.

If you’re evaluating it in the first place, go for it. Why you might ask? If you don’t go for it, you’re going to be sitting at home in the near future asking yourself what if I had done it? Then a series of what ifs come along, and a string of doubt follows your decision to refrain. But what if you do say yes?

A reminder that you will forever question your decisions if you don’t go for it. So next time, say yes. Tomorrow, go for it. Don’t regret your decisions, and live in the moments you are blessed with.


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