Tomorrow 1.27.16

cropped-leather-bag-man-holding-bag-istock_000007639784xsmall.jpgSometimes it’s hard to accept the things we cannot change. Unfortunately, we are not in control of all variables in our lives. For tomorrow, I’d like to warn you, and advise myself to remember that it’s okay to lose control of everything, sometimes.

It’s scary, especially for similar personalities to that of my own, to easily rest knowing that I’m not in control of these such variables. Now it sounds like science, but it’s really just reality. Believe me, science is far from my expertise.

Quite frankly, coming to grips with the fact that we don’t, nor will we ever, be able to control all aspects of our waking lives is frightening.

Those around us tend to control many of those variables. I say that it’s time to stop trying to control things we can’t change, but accepting the things we can to improve our outlook on life. Accepting others, accepting new criticism, accepting the unknown, and accepting the known- accept it all but don’t let it control you. Learn from it all.

It’s easier said than done. You’re smart enough to know what controls your life.  Yet, it’s an insulting task to ask you to let go. Careers, classes, families, stigma, everything starts to manipulate your choices and actions.

It’s a challenge that I’m willing to prepare for and propose to you: will you let go and let loose? Let jobs be that- just a career. Let classes be that- just books and knowledge. Let criticism be that- just words. Don’t get me wrong, these things are important! However, it’s equally important to draw the line on what defines you and what things are just variables in your life. Let these things be themselves, and you start being you. Let loose, and accept the variables as just that- knowns and unknowns of this world that only might affect you and your personality.

My advice for tomorrow: Let spontaneity immerse you in life, rather than letting variables of unknown and controlled kinds overtake your personality.

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